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Learn vedic astrology online free

The word "Astrology" appears in Vedic literature, scriptures-Puranas, and dictionaries to mean "the science or science through which the planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies are known." Astrology is the science of determining speed, distance, and other factors.

If you learn will Vedic Astrology, you will come to know the its more than just predictions and treatments; it is a whole meditation system. The individual forecasting someone must also understand the fundamentals of meditation. It aids the person in making correct forecasts. And meditation implies learning about oneself, about one's inner soul and physical body.

To learn vedic astrology, you should first understand the human body.

Understanding the structure of the human body is critical. It is the first door that every new astrologer must unlock to join the ASTROVERSE world.

There is two type of human bodies -

  1. Physical Body

  2. Astral Body

1. Physical Body: - Walking, eating, drinking, doing sex and all type of work which done with the help of body parts like arms, hands, legs etc comes under physical body.

2. Astral Body: -

Question arises: what is astral body? In detail human body is not only made of bones, skin, blood etc it's also made of the strong combinations of planets. With the help of astral body old Indian saints they just closed their eyes and can go any part of the world in fraction of seconds, their soul can travel any part of the world, because the speed of the soul is 10 times fast than light.

It is must to understand the mechanism of human body before learning the vedic astrology.

As it is observed each and every physical body surrounded with 30 cm colorful circle, which known as Aura or By Luminous Energy. There are camera available in the market to see that hidden energy. This astral body and energy is concerned and connected with Astrology predictions. As every engine produces the energy so that the machine works until the engine is producing the energy similarly, human physical body works because of astral body. It operates the physical body. If person is sick, ill, happy, depressed, under depression just because of astral body.

What is Kundli & Horoscope in vedic astrology?

Now, the question arises what is horoscope (kundli), what does horoscope (kundli) means! The easiest answer in simple words is that it's a kind of graph which gives the complete diagrammatic representation of all the planets. It's a combination of 12 houses, Every single house in horoscope (kundli) predicts differently and have very different characteristics.

Before moving further let's have a quick review in short what we learnt;

  • To predict the person's life - past, present, future we requires kundli (according to Indian mythology)

  • In kundli there are 12 houses, with its different characteristics.

For the beginners its very important to have the knowledge of all 12 houses. Without this predictions cannot possible. First we need to understand how to read horoscope chart.

As you are seeing the chart with 12 houses, each house has its own meaning, significance & prediction. The numbers which are mentioned in the houses are the zodiac sign numbers, its according to the person's birth, depends upon from which zodiac sign the earth is passing.

Every person has different or can be similar zodiac sign positions in birth chart.

Why the numbers in the vedic astrology chart is 1 to 12 only?

Because there are 12 zodiac signs like:

1 Aries

2 Taurus

3 Gemini

4 Cancer

5 Leo

6 Virgo

7 Libra

8 Scorpio

9 Sagittarius

10 Capricorn

11 Aquarius

12 Pisces

Every Zodiac sign has a ruling deity, which I will describe later, but for now, I think it is clear why every horoscope has only 12 houses, one ascendant, and a separate zodiac sign in each house.

Learning the rules of astrology would be really useful which are as follows:

Always remember and keep in mind the following essentials:

1. Remember that the zodiac numbers always mentioned/read anti clock wise, as you can see in the chart.

2. As a astrologer you must know that the 1st house is known as Ascendant.

3. Only 1 zodiac can be placed here, not only here it's implemented to all other 11 houses too.

4. One or more than 1 planet can be place in any 12 houses, but again its depends upon the time in which the person takes birth.

5. Keep in mind that Astrologer cannot himself place any planet or zodiac in the birth chart, its naturally all ready placed, astrologer only finds it and predicts accordingly.

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