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how to learn rashi name in english?

There are a lot of people who want to understand the zodiac symbols. Moreover, they are always curious to know the meaning of Rashi and the history behind their symbols. Here, we discuss what the Rashi name meaning and about its original origin.

what is the meaning of rashi?

The zodiac signs date back to Mesopotamia, where they first appeared close to 5000 years ago. Ancient astronomers kept track of the Sun's motion from one celestial body to another throughout the prehistoric era. Even though astrology has a long history, the names of the various sun signs used today have their roots in the mediaeval zodiac. According to mediaeval astrologers, our planet earth follows an elliptical route as it moves from one constellation to the next.

The 12 constellations that make up the oval route are sequentially in the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The name "Zodiac" derives from the Greek phrase "the circle of animals." Greek mythology designates 12 animals as constellations in the sky in honour of their heroic deeds and bravery. Let's also see the zodiac signs in hindi and english for better understanding.

Mesh zodiac sign

Aries: - Another name of aries zodiac sign in hindi is mesh zodiac sign, also the first sign of the 12 zodiac signs. It signifies the Vernal Equinox or the start of spring. This is because the Sun's path across the celestial equator occurs at the first point of Aries.

Taurus (the Bull): Another name of taurus zodiac sign in hindi is vrish or vrishabh. This is a winter milky way constellation with several exciting objects for amateur astronomers.

The Taurus constellation has been linked to a bull for over 5000 years. According to tradition, Zeus, the Greek god, fell in love with Europa. Zeus assumed the form of a white bull and crouched in front of lovely Europa when she was playing in the garden because he knew his look would scare her. Europa was entranced by the magnificent Bull and couldn't help but climb atop its back. Zeus brought Europa to Crete and took her as his mistress while he was a bull. Zeus made the Bull a constellation in the sky to remind us of this incident.

Gemini (the Twins) - with spring approaching, the deep sky observers will see the Gemini constellation. This constellation also has a Greek story behind its origin.

According to the story, Gemini represents two twin brothers- Castor and Pollux who had the same mother, Leda, but a different father. Castor was born of Tyndareus and Leda. Pollux was born to the gods Zeus and Leda. Pollux was immortal, and Castor was a mastered horseman. The twins together became great warriors. But unfortunately, Castor died in a battle. Pollux was so much upset after his brother's death that he asked his father, Zeus, to bring back Castor to life. Zeus was moved by this brotherly affection and decided to keep the twins together forever by turning them into a constellation in the sky.

Cancer, kark rashi in english zodiac sign

In vedic astrology the name of cancer zodiac sign in hindi is kark. The Greek legend of Hercules' twelve labours inspired the sign of Cancer (the Crab). The second labour of Hercules is connected to the cancer constellation. The most famous figure in Greek mythology, Hercules, was chosen by Eurystheus who slew the enormous Lerna Hydra, a terrifying water snake with one hundred heads. Hera dispatched a gigantic crab to thwart Hercules' battle with the Hydra. The Crab infuriated Hercules, who crushed it under his shoe. Hera was appreciative of the Crab's assistance. Hera made the Crab happy by designating it as a constellation in the sky as a thank you for trying to assist her.

Leo (the Lion) - Leo is sufficiently visible outside the Milky Way for humans to see into interstellar space. The first Hercules work in the story of his twelve labours is where Leo, the fifth zodiac sign, gets its name. A terrifying creature called the Lion of Nemea lived in the Nemean woodland. Zeus tasked Hercules with slaying this ferocious animal. Hercules completed his task without difficulty and used just his hands to slay the vicious Lion. In remembrance of this terrible conflict, Zeus made the Lion a constellation in the sky to represent the family's difficulties forever.

Virgo - The sixth zodiac sign is Virgo 9 (the Virgin). The only sign of the zodiac without an animal symbol is Virgo. Virgo stands for "virgin." The Tale of Pandora and the fable of Virgo are related. When Pandora's box was opened, it released every grief, every misery, and every evil that existed on earth. The Gods abandoned earth in this state and escaped to heaven. The Goddess of innocence and purity, Astraea, arrived back in heaven last. Astraea was immortalised as a constellation of stars to memorialise the innocence stolen from the planet.

Libra: The seventh Zodiac sign, Libra (the Scales), is the only one a human or an animal doesn't symbolise. The goddess of justice, purity, and innocence, Astraea, used the golden scale to balance good and evil. Astraea decided to leave this world and go back to heaven as the corrupted civilisation on Earth began to take off. Unfortunately, she left her golden scale of justice behind since she was so hurried to leave Earth. Because they feared her judgement, the Romans gave Libra a prominent position in the sky to demonstrate their commitment to appropriate justice, equality, and balance.

8th Scorpio zodiac sign in hindi

The eighth sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio (the Scorpion). It is one of the Zodiac's 12 constellations. Two tales in Greek mythology recount the genesis story of the constellation scorpion. First, some claim that Orion bragged about being the finest hunter in the world and being able to kill any animal. The Goddess-hunter Artemis, however, dispatched a scorpion to slay Orion. Zeus then gave the Scorpion a constellation in the sky as a reward for winning the conflict.

According to another tale, Orion allegedly boasted that he was a superior hunter to Artemis. Apollo, the identical twin of Artemis, decided to murder Orion out of rage. So he dispatched Scorpion to murder Orion. Zeus put Orion and Scorpion on opposing sides of the sky to prevent any additional issues and conflicts.

Sagittarius: The ninth zodiac sign, Sagittarius (the Centaur), features a centaur named Chiron shooting an arrow. Chiron was seen as a beast because, in Greek mythology, he was half horse. Chiron, however, was a gifted healer, musician, and archer with a compassionate disposition and a sympathetic heart. He even trained legendary figures like Hercules and several more.

Hercules accidentally discharged an arrow at Chiron one day. The Lernean Hydra's lethal venom was in the arrow. Even though Chiron was a doctor, the poison was highly deadly, and he could not recover on his own. Despite Chiron's immortality, he could not find relief from his suffering via death. As a result, when Prometheus was about to perish, he offered to take his place. Chiron's selflessness touched Zeus, giving him a constellation in the sky.

Capricorn: Makar rashi in english zodiac sign is called as Capricorn. The tenth sign of the Zodiac is Capricorn (the Goat). Capricorn is represented as a goat that is dead or dying and has a fish-like tail. Thus, it is a hybrid of a goat and a fish. The Goat represents Pan, the powerful and evil God typically shown as a person with curly hair and whiskers and a goat's tail, legs, and horns. However, when Pan dove into the Nile River to escape Typhon, the father of violent winds, his upper body completely changed into a goat. In contrast, his underwater body took on the appearance of a fish.

Aquarius: The eleventh sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius (the Water Bearer), is symbolised by a young man holding a pitcher or cup of water. Ganymede, allegedly the most attractive young man in Troy, is the young man. Ganymede caught Zeus' attention, and he grabbed him and made him the cup-bearer for the Gods, a position that had previously been held by Hera's daughter Hebe. Zeus was outraged by Hera's rage at this disrespect for her daughter, so he immortalised Ganymede and gave him the constellation Aquarius in the sky.

Pisces: The twelfth and final zodiac sign, Pisces (the Fish), is symbolised by two Fish. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and Eros, the God of love, are represented by these two Fish. The monster Typhon unexpectedly encountered them as they crossed the Euphrates River. Zeus pleaded with Aphrodite and Eros to assist them in escaping the peril. So that they might both safely swim in the river, Zeus changed Aphrodite and Eros into a couple of fishes. Athena made the two Gods into a constellation so that people could remember them.

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