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House of Twelve - famous astrologer in amritsar, providing a free horoscope consultation. We as an expert analyze your horoscope according to your question and gives the relevant solution and remedies.

Career consultation

Carrer settlement for a student is a big question? By hiring an expert astrologer can take a deep dive and suggest you right career consultation.  

Foreign settlement

Settling abroad is a dream and we feel proud to say we are one of the specialist in predicting foreign travel in astrology. Contact a famous astrologer in amritsar for foreign travel and foreign settlement in abroad.

Horoscope Analysis

When a person finds himself surrounded by troubles and his solution is not found from anywhere, then there is a lot of despair. So in such a situation, if we come to your work, then we will consider ourselves lucky.

White Structure

To fix the future it is essential to improve the present!!!

“House of Twelve”, one of the best astrologer , gives you a solution to your problem which can prove to be a turning point in your career. Slowly time solve many problems on its own but as time passes we learn to live with that problem and this becomes our habit. Then life seems like a compromise. So let's improve before it converts into a habit. If we will able to fulfil your dream in your life or your career, in your foreign settlement, then we will be glad that we can do something for humanity;
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