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Online Astrology Courses


Astrology Courses

When you first start studying astrology, you'll learn that there is a complicated system of planets, houses, and signs. These elements represent the fundamentals of an astrological chart.

It will start to make sense in your mind if you realise that the chart in front of you is a mirror of the sky at the time of your birth. Imagine whirling and orbiting the sun while floating on the planet's surface across our solar system. The planets will then be placed within the circle you have drawn on the paper, with you in its centre (standing on the earth and viewing).

The imaginary line that divides the circle from left to right represents the part of the earth's surface from which you can see the sky above. The semicircle below represents the view from the opposite side of the planet. The ascendant descendant axis is the line that cuts the circular in half from left to right. The mid-heaven MC IC axis is the line that cuts the circular in half from top to bottom.

Twelve distinct sections of the circle, which we refer to as homes, are created by dividing the circle once again along two more lines. Many different house systems have evolved throughout the years, but one thing they always have in common is that there are always twelve houses. Each home is a symbol of a distinct aspect of our existence. When analysing a horoscope and seeking information about a particular area of life, you will turn to the house representing that area of life and the planet dominating that house.

The circle has now been filled with planets. The Ascendant will have the sun on it if you were born at sunrise. As said, If you were born on a full moon, the moon would be in your descendant at sunrise while the sun would be in your Ascendant (sun rising, moon descending). The remaining planets will be positioned on the chart following their positions in the sky and to one another. The planets below the horizon (below the circle's ascendant-descending line) have already begun to set (like the sunset).

Aries (firey), Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo (firey), Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius (firey), Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the twelve signs of the zodiac. Initially, astrologists used fixed stars in the sky that fell on the equinoxes to line up the signs. They used to synchronise with the fixed stars, but not anymore. The vernal equinox celebrated as the first spring day in the northern hemisphere, is when Western astrologers start (or line up) Aries. Each sign is given 30 of the 360 degrees that make up a circle, completing the circle with the twelve signs.

The next time you go outside at night, look up at the sky because you now have a visual of an astrological chart. You may get a glimpse of Mars' colour, Venus' flashing, or the moon gleaming in its phase. The pictures you examine on the astrological charts will start to take on a new level of reality and significance.

Taking such astrology courses strengthens our basics. After doing those astrology courses, when we start doing practicals, it helps us to understand our logic, concepts and horoscope in detail and understand the native. Indeed, it is only possible to make predictions once we are interested in understanding astrology.

If we keep the basics of astrology course in mind while reading the horoscope of the person, first of all, keep in mind the basics, such as knowing the 12 zodiac signs, their nature and elements, then the lords of those zodiac signs and the mutual friendship and enmity of those lords. Astronomy etc. Then it is necessary to know how many houses are in the horoscope and when any zodiac sign sits in those houses, and if they connect with any house, then it is also necessary to know the result of that house.

So much information helps you in reading horoscopes and making predictions. Whether it is career astrology prediction, foreign settlement astrology, or relationship issues, if your astrology basics are straightforward, then every horoscope will automatically start speaking as soon as you open it.

Keeping these things in mind, we have started online astrology courses for free. We have designed it so that you can understand it quickly, and we will continue to explain it based on our experiences. Reading these can help you a lot.

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